upload2flickr is a .net based application written in C# intended to provide users with more options than those provided by Flickr (Ludicorp)'s current Flickr Uploadr. In it's first iteration, upload2flickr focuses on using metadata embedded in images (exif, iptc, etc) to tag, describe, and title photos.

The primary benefit is to allow you to use other software to categorize and organize your images, share your pictures on flickr, and maintain the organization you worked so hard at. Thus, reducing duplicated efforts. You can organize once on your computer and upload to flickr, foregoing the web-based facilities provided by flickr which can be cumbersome for large quanities of images. Granted, flickr is in beta and they continue to improve and add to the batch operations - but at the least, this software will offer you another choice.


Download & Install

Download upload2flickr

Installation Notes

  1. To run this application you need the .net framework (which you may already have).
  2. Unzip the file into any directory and run the executable.